Get Involved

The Coalition´s goal is to foster an approach to Mashpee living that will engender resident appreciation and respect for our ecological resources. We believe this priceless benefit is for the enjoyment of all.

Enhancement and protection of our many natural assets is a duty we owe to each other and future generations.

An informed citizenry is the best defense against environmental damage. MEC uses the following techniques to establish a public dialog and achieve its goals:

Environmental programs

conducted as a community service monitor our public fresh water ponds via our Pond Health Program an adjunct to the Cape Cod Pond and Lake Stewards Program (PALS), support our open space by participation in the Land Stewards Program and inform the public through our in-process Citizen’s Guide.

Public Service Announcements

for recycling progress and flyers supporting open space purchases provide the public with information concerning items that have a potential impact on our neighborhood. 

Pamphlets and booklets

on assets and issues have been distributed and are available at our Edward A. Baker Library for download or on-line reading. 

Informative videos

by the award winning videographer and MEC Director, Maxine Wolfset:

  • Save Cape Cod Waters”, a four part series on the destruction of Cape Cod waters by nitrogen pollution (produced 2004-2006).
  • Global Warming is Real” (produced in 2008). This film urges actions by citizens & local scientists before a catastrophic “tipping point” is reached and what may happen to Cape Cod’s coastal lands.
  • To arrange for a group showing of these environmental films, please contact Maxine Wolfset.
As a continuing effort

MEC members and officers participate in the grassroots activities of letters to the editor, speaking to Town Officials on Environmental matters, and serving on committees where their knowledge and experience can make a contribution.