Mashpee has numerous trails and back roads that provide opportunities for strolling, hiking, scenic viewing, communing with nature, picnicking and geocaching to name a few of the popular usages. Old Bogs, working bogs, streams, wildlife and wildflower viewing, trees from Beech to Sassafras and peaceful surroundings await you. For a real challenge, start at the Mashpee Neck Rd parking area for the Mashpee River Woodlands and try some of the interconnecting trails as the Woodlands are tangent to the Pine Barrens to the Jehu Pond Area to South Cape Beach. It is better done in sections or with preplanned transport at paved road intersections.

We have started this listing utilizing mark-ups of existing trail maps that were prepared by others and will be adding to the inventory from time to time as we also update the descriptive information.
Remember the old say “An ounce of prevention…..” To make your open space visit more enjoyable, remember that a little insect repellant or physical check after walking in vegetated areas can help protect against tick-borne illnesses. Learn to identify Poison Oak and Poison Ivy.

Remember that on Cape soils many trees have roots partially exposed on the surface. Watch out for banana peel like conditions when dead pine needles act like a lubricant on exposed roots.

If you would like to help maintain our trail system, think about adding a pair of hand clippers and a small trash bag to your equipment. Perhaps you might fill in the brief visit list and mail it to the Town’s Conservation Agent, 16 Great Neck Rd., North, Mashpee, MA 02649 to assist him in his open space responsibilities.


Visit Evaluation Form (Use Appendix C-only)