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MEC´s regular/monthly board upcoming meetings schedule

- Wednesday, August 13, 2:30 pm

- Wednesday, September 10, 2:30 pm

At the Senior Center. All are welcome
(Driving Directions)

Reminder: If the Senior Center closes for any reason on our meeting date, that meeting will be canceled.

Current Information

Right-of-Way Herbicides

While our County Agencies talk to establishing individual town negotiations with transmission line owners on this threat to our potable water supply, they are fostering a divide and conquer approach threatening progress on this important health threat. Visit for...

Storm Water

Storm water, from its inception as rain or snow and via its travel as runoff across our lawns, roads and parking lots, adds to itself many forms of unwanted constituents from diverse sources. As it falls from the sky it adds an airborne contaminants to its makeup and...

Waste Water

The nutrient over-enrichment of our ponds and estuaries and the resultant noxious/harmful algae blooms that occur are fed, in a great degree, by the minimal treatment activity available from the many septic systems standard in our area. As the population grows the...

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